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NEC History, Electrical History--that's Behind the Code

As electrical power, wiring and equipment grew . . . Electrical safety rules developed.

"Fascinating! As a Code-Making Panel Member, I find this history is valuable information." --Brian Rock, CMP 17.

“Interesting stuff, especially the changes that I remember . . . explaining the "new" rules to the electricians and even many of the inspectors that didn't get it.” --Alan Nadon, retired chief inspector, author of
“The Inspector’s Corner” column.

Do special interest groups make all the rules?

Is there any science behind the electrical code?

Does complying with the National Electrical Code really save lives?

Behind the Code's electrical history has answers--names and, especially, dates. The names include people working earnestly to reduce fire, shock, and electrocution. . . and some other interests. The dates will help when you ask, "Could this possibly have been legitimate when they installed it?"

Learn more about Behind the Code in the FAQs; get some idea of its coverage by running your eyes down a list of its extensive Contents.