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About the Illustrations


Table of Illustrations


Notes on Authorship and Scope






Introduction: NEC® Origin




NEC® Chapter 1 Topics


What’s Considered Low Voltage?


Material Progress: Wood and Other Dated Materials


Installation & Use of Listed or Labeled Equipment


Working Clearances


NEC® Chapter 2 Topics


Introduction to Grounded Conductors and Grounding


Whatever Happened to Natural Gray Insulation?


Using an Identified Conductor as a Switch Leg


Color Coding


Multiwire Branch Circuits




Service Ground Fault Protection


Voltage Drop


Branch Circuit Capacity and
Receptacle Versus Circuit Ratings


Receptacles above show windows


Receptacles above show windows


Show Windows


The Optional Calculation for New Restaurants


Limiting Main Disconnects


Rating of Service Switch:
Growth in Electricity Use and Changes in Receptacle Spacing Requirements, Load Calculations, and Safety




Protection, Including Overcurrent Protection, of Grounded Conductors, and their Switching–with a Nod to Their Identification


System Grounding


The Ufer Ground


How about Grounding by Bonding to Other Systems, or at Least Bonding The Systems?


Lightning Down Conductors and Grounds


What Electrical Equipment Needs to Be Grounded/Bonded


How Is Grounding/Bonding to Be Accomplished?


Separation of Grounded Conductors from
Grounding Conductors


Bonding Receptacles to Enclosures


NEC® Chapter 3 Topics


Impedance and Togetherness (of circuit wires)


Conductors in Parallel. Why the 1/0 limit?


Adjustments to Ampacity: Neher-McGrath


Adjustments to Ampacity: Bundling


Higher Ampacities for Dwelling Service Conductors


Basic Ampacity


Box Fill


Enclosures and Enclosure Mounting


Armored Cable


Limits on Nonmetallic-sheathed Cable




Four Bends


Conduit Fill


Knob-and-Tube and Open Wiring


NEC® Chapter 4 Topics


Standardization of Plugs, Receptacles and Circuits


The 42-Circuit Limit


Lighting and Safety


How Old are Basic Lighting Principles?


What Complicated the Specifications for Wiring Attached to Lighting Fixtures?


NEC® Chapter 5 Topic


Theater Dressing Rooms


NEC® Chapter 9 Topics


Permits, Inspection and Licensing


Local Rules




Other Material


A Remembrance of Creighton


Notes on the Coauthor




Partly Annotated Bibliography


Definitions/Notes on Terminology


Filling in the Gaps


Annual Scholarship


Notes on the Index




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