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Front Cover

A 6x9 in. paperback with normal-size printing was the logical place to start. However, we recognize that it is not the best way to provide Behind the Code to some of the people who would be interested in it.

For example, the subtitle on the printed cover takes up about 5 in. The font used inside is about a third smaller. Each line in the table of contents fills about 4 3/4 in., measured from the first letter to the end of the page number.

The question this raises is whether enough people would buy a large print version, an audiobook version, or an e-book version to make each of these alternative formats possible.

Another question is whether people are interested in a hardcover edition, longer-lasting and more elegant, but obviously more expensive.

You are the person we have to ask. If you would buy one or more of these other versions--large print, audio, e-book, or hardcover--please snailmail a message to the address below, discussing what additional formats you would be interested in buying, and include contact information.