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Other Books by David

"I have purchased and had the pleasure of savoring the first of many reads of the Second Edition of "Old Electrical Wiring." A capital job all around! I shall keep this with my well-worn copy of the first edition."-Fred M. Perilstein, P.E.
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Old Electrical Wiring: Evaluating, Repairing, and Upgrading Dated Systems: The new, greatly revised edition of Old Electrical Wiring, with hundreds of sharp illustrations, can be ordered now. The cheapest way is probably to go through Amazon. Amazon also serves as one portal to stores that sell the first edition. Usually they work through an organization that you can contact directly, AbeBooks: www.abebooks.com. Most commonly, used copies of the first edition being offered are worn copies that libraries removed from circulation. (Amazon is not authorized to sell Behind the Code.)

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Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance and Retrofit: The first edition has fewer illustrations, but this left room for more text.

Because of this, while not fully up to date, it does provide more details on some topics.

My second book is Your Old Wiring. I wrote this for homeowners who, while not necessarily Do-It-Yourselfers, want the added sense of control that results from having a basic understanding of what they are dealing with. This can be especially challenging when descriptions of normal electrical systems clearly don't match what they have.

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If you prefer to order from an independent bookstore, I encourage you to check locally. Unfortunately, more and more Mom-and-Pop stores have been crowded out by soulless chains. No luck in your area? Some big, yet relatively personal, independents remain; Powell's is one example. You can check with Powell’s--for David's books, for Creighton's books, or any others--by typing a title or author in their search box below and clicking "GO."

Unfortunately, an independent doesn't handle the volume of sales that would let them discount new books as Amazon does. Still, I've been pleasantly surprized when pricing a new book through the AbeBooks network.

Other Books by Creighton

Long before this project, Creighton spent decades updating Herb Richter's books. Fred Hartwell has since taken over editing Practical Electrical Wiring and Wiring Simplified. Fred does an excellent job. If you're interested in Creighton's versions, though, they may be available through used-book stores such as Powell's (search box above).